Why In-Home Care Is Trusted by So Many People

A caregiver helping the old lady

As people get older, their bones and muscles start to weaken and their physical abilities become limited. This is the reason, after a certain age, older adults need support and care to live a healthy life. An in-home care service provides that helping hand, without them having to go anywhere. This service is actually very helpful for seniors.

Here are the benefits of hiring 24-hour in home care in OKC or in other places.

  • It is useful to calm the agitation of people who have lost their sense of place and time.

  • It can reduce skin and urinary tract infections as caregivers monitor their hygiene.

  • Reduces the risk of falling from a bed and other potential accidents for seniors.

  • Lessens the risk of dehydration.

  • Improves socialization skills which is useful in maintaining mental health.

  • Helps manage an emergency situation.

Often, people get confused when determining the right time for 24 hour in home care in OKC for their older loved ones. Here is some guidance to come to a decision regarding this.

  • If falls become frequent for seniors

  • If their assessment of time becomes difficult

  • If they have just survived a heart attack or stroke, or returned from rehabilitation

  • If they have problems with eating and drinking on their own

  • If their brain is not functioning properly

  • If there have been a few bathroom accidents already, you need to understand that the senior in your life needs assistance for the entire day.

A caregiver serve food to an old aged woman

When you are hiring an in-home care service in OKC, you should make sure that you are getting the right service provider. Here are some ways to determine that.

  • The number of caregivers in one work shift and how the work shift will be divided.

  • If you and the senior can meet with the caregiver at least once.

  • In case of absence, how the service provider would manage it.

  • If they are certified nursing assistants.

  • What are the services that are included in the job of being a caregiver?

  • The supervision process.

According to the tenure of the service, the terms of service will be determined. You can consult with a long-term care insurance company about their coverage pertaining to this service. Generally, Medicare does not pay for the home care services, apart from required nurse visits, therapies and medications.

Make sure you find the most reliable in-home care service in OKC. For that, you need to come to us at Home Care Assistance. The proficient and well-trained caregivers will be at your service so that the senior people can live a healthy life.