Sensory Stimulation for People with Dementia

An old man

There are several ways to help people with dementia live their lives in full enrichment. All of us want our loved ones living with dementia to stay connected and maintain it. At Home Care Assistance, a memory care provider in OKC, we have compiled some useful information on the maintenance of a peaceful, interactive and sensory stimulation program your loved one.

About Sensory Stimulation

Sensory stimulation is a process of activating one or more senses, with smell, taste, vision, touch, and hearing. It can be from simple things to exciting activities including a hand massage with fragrant lotion and listening to favorite music. It can help people with dementia to recall and encourage good memories and emotions to interact with others.

The Need for People with Dementia

Our brains and nervous systems possess an electrical activity which regularly fits and reacts to the world around them. With brain scanning, in response to different stimulation, we see different parts of the brain light up. The design of our bodies is in a particular way so that we can interact with the world around us and for that, we need stimulation to grow. Most of us are used to a plenty of sensory stimulation from day to day activities like visiting the stores, going on a walk with the dog or using hands for several activities, but many people with dementia do not.

As the condition of dementia deteriorates, people with loss of memory can experience a sense of isolation that can induce fear and confusion in their daily lives. The more advanced phases of dementia lead both to communication challenges and physical demonstration of the disease, such as mobility difficulties. As a result, people whose brains lose synapses slowly, are also starting to lose sensory stimulation due to isolation, confusion and physical limitations. In OKC, for the people with dementia memory care assistance is available to help in these situations.


Advantages of Sensory Stimulation

By offering people with dementia a proper way to be themselves in different ways than words, sense stimulation can help them enhance general mood, well-being, and self-esteem. For instance, a small fountain of water can bring back memories of home for someone with dementia who was born and brought up near the beach. Only feeling the texture or the weight of a seashell can reinforce their recollection.

Besides invoking positive feelings, sensory stimulation can also help communicate for people with dementia. Sensory stimulation can help senior citizens who have difficulty interacting with the world around them to inquire, answer verbally, or stay calm in a stressful situation by using certain objects. Sense stimulation has other advantages, including:

  • Improvement of cognitive indication and maintenance of day to day functions

  • Encouraging participatory involvement in social groups

  • Scope of reflection and memory trips

  • Improved concentration.

  • Less difficulty while communicating.

The Specific Activities

Most likely, sensory stimulation works better when it comes to people's interests in day-to-day life before dementia. After considering their individual needs and preferences, it is essential to orient the activities to everyone. Some activities are more suitable than others; it depends on whether someone is at early or later stages of memory loss. Activities of sensory stimulation may include:

  1. Showing them unusual objects

  2. Short walks in a new place

  3. Arranging pets’ visits

  4. Providing a soft hand massage

  5. Reading aloud to them

  6. Providing their favorite dishes

  7. Testing their smelling sense with different items in the form of a game.

  8. Create a box with the items that can create a sensation to them, such as the photos, perfume, mementos, etc.

Sensory stimulation aims to make people with dementia glad, reduce anxiety, and improve communication. You can also visit us at Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma, a memory care provider in OKC if you're searching for more tips on communicating with your loved ones.