Safety and Security Measures for Older Adults

Worried about whether your elderly parents are safe from accidents and mishaps at home? These are some of the best home security tips for older adults to ensure that your parents are safe at home.

For older people, the death rate from injuries at home is about three times higher than for younger people. Therefore, when older adults decide to live in their own houses, not with their children, safety alone is important for the elderly. Fortunately, there are senior care services in OKC from where you can get in-home care.

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Preventing Falls

Falls among people over 70 are incredibly common and can injure them or lead to loss of mobility, which jeopardizes the independence of an older person. By reducing the risk of falling, the person who receives care can move around comfortably.

Clear Storage

Cluttered storage areas, especially medical cabinets and cupboards, will probably contain products no longer suitable for use. Old drugs may lead to problems, although they're not always unsafe.

Proper Lighting

Bad lighting can increase the risk of falls for people suffering from poor vision, especially when they are up often during the night. A caring specialist can ensure that light bulbs are replaced once they are out, but we recommend that nightlights are installed in the entire house for a clear route and a flashlight is also placed next to the bed.

Safety and Security

The security system and emergency preparedness are not only good to stay safe but also provide peace of mind to vulnerable adults, which is incredibly important to ensure that people have confidence in their homes. Our senior care services in OKC provide this assurance to the seniors in our care.

Fire Safety

In the U.S., fire-death rates are almost twice the national average for people over 65. The death rate is even three times higher for seniors over 75. Fire safety should be a top priority, as with every home. In smoke alarms, batteries often should tested and changed. There's no time worse to go and fall than in an emergency, so keeping clear ways to the exits is also good.

Extreme Weather

Hot or cold extreme temperatures are not only uncomfortable but can also seriously affect health, leading to a disease like flu or heat stroke. It is important to keep up with electricity charges but also to maintain heating and cooling systems.

Home Surveillance

One of the most useful home security tips for the elderly is to install a home safety camera of the top brand of CCTV camera.

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Panic Button and Emergency

Having a panic button specifically designed to support older adults at home is also an essential safety tip for senior citizens. A remote panic button can be wearable or placed next to the favorite chairs of your parents on the end table. If anything occurs, they can press the button to notify the in-home care service provider in OKC or the emergency center.

Emergency Contacts

Often the elderly are forgetful. Therefore ensure that the police, hospital, family members or a trusted neighbor have telephone numbers readily available.

Against Cyber Attack

Senior citizens with little internet security knowledge make ideal objectives for cybercriminals as we're warned by the authorities. It is therefore up to you to teach them online security to protect them online.

Hire senior care services in OKC for providing all daily assistance to your parents or grandparents including safety. We are Home Care Assistance, and with us, you will be able to assure your elderly loved one's safety.