Reasons For Hiring Home Health Care Professionals


According to a report, every year in the United States, more than 35 million people are discharged from the hospital after staying four to five days and one in every seven people get readmitted within 30 days to the same hospital for some sort of complications. It is estimated that it costs the government an additional $26 billion every year where $17 billion of that could be avoidable.

It was found in a study if a home health care professional is provided to people, they can avoid readmission. Problems arise for various reasons. It is imperative to let the patients know why they were admitted to the hospital, what the treatment was and what they should follow up with afterward to avoid such a situation again. But, in most cases, especially for seniors, it is found that they are totally unaware of their health condition. The hospital employees discuss with all of this with the patients, but often they remain confused or forget the instructions. It is estimated that about 55% of seniors forget the instructions after returning home. This is the reason why the home health care professionals are required to help.

When provided the right support the patient can recover faster, and the professional can remind them to take their medicines or involve them in a walk if instructed to do so. After coming home from the hospital, patients need to follow the recommended diet, take prescribed medicines, exercise and perform all daily activities on their own. They often become confused with the medicines; with the color of the pills, the timing to take them and the dosage. They need assistance for this also. The support is provided by the home health care provider. The caregivers encourage the patients mentally to try it on their own and assure them of their recovery. This helps to boost their spirits, which is really helpful.


Other than providing all possible support to the patients, the home health care provider can perform the jobs stated below when there is no one else to do that in your home:

  • Shopping, housekeeping, preparing meals.

  • Recommending necessary changes to the patient's room and needed equipment.

  • Showing the patients exercises that they have to do later.

  • Assisting them to perform daily activities including grooming, eating, bathing, using washrooms etc.

Having a reliable, compassionate professional who can provide proper care for your seniors at home is difficult, but not impossible. Come to Home Care Assistance, a reputable service provider for senior assistance. They are experienced home health care staff and they will recommend things that will save your seniors from common problems after a hospital stay.