Protect Seniors from Fall Injuries

An old lady fell in the floor

It is quite common for seniors to suffer injuries, and most of them are due to falling. With age, the bone and muscles become weak and the ability to balance deteriorates. This causes the elderly to fall more often. It is also observed that their admission to the hospital is mainly due to fractures caused by falling, tearing of tissues and related issues. In order to prevent these injuries for the elderly, it is better to have an any-time home care service in OKC.

Reasons for Falling from the Bed

Falling from the bed is not only common for children, but the elderly also often fall from the bed. Some medical condition is usually responsible for it. It is noted that most people with dementia are more vulnerable to falling from their beds. The common causes of falling for seniors are:

  • Physical limitations can be a reason for seniors to fall from bed. Recent injuries or surgery may cause problems getting into and out of the bed. If they need to get out of bed at night, it increases the risk of falling. Along with any other physical condition, if the eyesight also deteriorates, there is a high chance that the elderly will fall.

A senior Lady Is Sleeping

  • Sleep disturbance can be a reason. Sudden waking and rapid attempts to get out of bed are likely to result in a fall.

  • Some medications have side-effects on the brain and can affect sleeping habits. As a result, it can increase the risk of falling from the bed.

  • A new bed arrangement and bed accessories can be problematic for the elderly. They usually have a problem coping with the new situation.

With anytime home care in OKC, seniors will be monitored and given proper care to prevent such situations. In the worst case, someone can be available whenever necessary.

Fatality of a Fall

Falling can be more severe for seniors than for younger adults depending on several conditions, including, the height and speed of the fall; the physical condition of the person; and whether they collide with furniture or land on a hard floor. In some cases, a fall may require hospitalization, and may even cause injuries so severe that they lead to death. For their health and well-being, it is essential to take steps to prevent falls.

A home care service that can be available anytime in OKC is essential for making sure your senior loved ones are tended to, and their environment is regularly checked by a trained expert. Call Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma to talk to our professional caregivers.