Prevent Fall and Save the Seniors from Injuries

An old lady fell in the floor

It is quite common for the senior people to suffer from injuries and most of them are for fall. With age, bone and muscles become weak and the capability of balancing deteriorates. This makes the senior people fall most often than the others. It is also observed that their admission to hospital is mostly because of the fractures due to fall, tearing of tissues and many more. In order to prevent all type of fatal and non-fatal injuries for the seniors, it is better to get an anytime home care service in OKC.

Reasons for Falling from Bed

Falling from the bed is not only common for the children but the seniors also often fall from the bed. The medical condition is mostly responsible for it. It is noticed that most people with dementia or existing mental injuries are vulnerable to falling from bed. The common causes of fall for the senior people are:

  • Physical uneasiness can be a reason for the seniors to fall from the bed. If they have got a stroke recently or went through any kind of surgery, they can face troubles in getting up and getting into the bed. If they need to get out from the bed at night, it increases the risk of falling. Along with the other physical condition, if the eyesight is also deteriorating, there is a high chance that the seniors may fall.

A senior Lady Is Sleeping

  • The disturbance in sleep can be a reason. Many of the seniors fall during the dream cycles and this causes them to fall while walking in the plain surface as well.

  • Some medicines have ill-effects in the brain and it can affect the sleeping habits. As a consequence, it can increase the risk of falling from bed.

  • A new arrangement of the bed and the accessories of the bed can be problematic for the seniors. They generally have a problem in coping with the new situation.

If you can get anytime home care service in OKC the seniors will be monitored and given proper care to prevent such situations.

Fatality of a Fall

The fall can be severe for the senior people depending on several conditions. The list of the conditions includes:

  1. The height of the fall

  2. The speed of the fall

  3. The physical condition of the senior

  4. Items around the bed

It is better to hire a home care service to serve anytime in OKC to get help for the seniors. In Home Care Assistance, you will get professional caregivers from us who can take care of your elder people to prevent them from getting injured.