Make Elderly Loved Ones a Part of a Successful Family Reunion

senior family reunion

These meetings, filled with anecdotes and picture albums, are also the golden chance to hold successful family meetings and discuss the past with older adults to preserve family history for future generations. Even for seniors who have a memory loss, yesterday's tales can be clearer and more vivid than yesterday. You can make older adults at home feeling valuable with our in-home care in OKC.

Meal Preparation

Ensure that your loved ones are involved in easy activities that keep them away from the stove. Pull up a chair and have them assist you in plying your serviettes, rolling the dough, put the ice cream, put the dinner rolls on your plate, etc. These are excellent ways to help and maintain you busy.

Photo Album

This event will entertain your beloved if there is some downtime and also spawn his memory and spark a fun family tale that can please the whole family.

Kids’ Involvement

Children enjoy a crowd. Have the children perform songs, skits, and marionettes, and older adults will eat it. Alternatively, allow older family members to have the baby if they're a new baby in the family.

Instrumental Low Volume

Large meetings can be a fight for hearing losers or hearing aids. It can be hard to concentrate on multiple voices.


Life is a lot slower than ours for older adults. With a 10-minute discussion with our in-home care in OKC, your older person will feel comfortable at a big meeting. Encourage several family members to sit and talk to your beloved. Watching photographs or Christmas adornments together on the Christmas tree is a wonderful way to chat.

Before the meeting, learn whether kids of school age can get additional money through a grandparent interview and write about it for their class.

For every age, games can be enjoyable. It gets individuals to talk without their electronics, whether everyone working on a puzzle together! Sporting matches can also bring together a family. It is always fun to root for your team or family members, and this can be rallied around and shared by the whole family. Post your family tree on the wall in a key place and send younger children off with an instant camera so that pictures of the names of all participants are available.

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