Make a Difference - Gift Ideas for Dementia Patients

Dementia Patient

Seniors may be slower to react; it may be difficult for them to register their surroundings. Even if they have problems remembering things, you can make a difference for them this Christmas. Whether they remember Christmas or not, your surprise gift will help them recall the simple joys in life.

If senior adults suffer from dementia, Alzheimer's disease or any kind of memory-related problems, a memory care program in OKC would be the best gift for them. Here are some tips on the gifts that you can present to seniors depending on the stage of their illness, as all gifts would not be suitable for all patients.

Early Stages of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

At the early stage of memory-related diseases, crossword puzzles and activity books. will be useful for older patients. You can also make their Christmas special with classic movie DVDs or a streaming service. You can also give them something helpful like a memory phone that combines photos and contact information.

A Table Clock

The Middle Stages

For patients with memory diseases at their middle stages, a clock can be a useful gift. The clock should have the time in large font and date and months as well. The feature of automatic nightlights can be an added advantage of the present to help them with a clear idea of the day and time.

The Later Stages

When the seniors reach the later stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, don’t think that a gift will go unappreciated. You can still find useful gifts for them which can bring a smile to their face. It is better to avoid complicated gifts that may be difficult figure out.

Simple comforts do the trick: Warm blankets, a bathrobe in their favorite color, even a reminder of some pleasure locked deep within their long-term memory – a favorite food, a childhood toy or an outing to some place special to them.

You can serve them with sweet treats. The idea of clothes can also be nice. In addition to all these, you can include family videos, a digital photo frame, slippers, housekeeping services, and pre-stamped cards and envelopes for writing letters.

You can hire our memory care services in OKC for your older loved ones. We are compassionate caregivers, supportive in nature and pay attention to each and every patient to help them adapt to difficulties with memory and improve their quality of life.