Live a Happy Life, Defeat Sundowning

Sundowning disease

Sundowning is a state of mind that aged people with dementia suffer from, they become confused about everything and it mostly takes place after sunset. In can cause anxiety, depression, aggression or other mental problems. Before we discuss more about prevention, it is important to know the causes of this unusual problem. In Oklahoma City, there are people suffering from this, which is why we need to shed some light on the topic.

Causes of this problem are low lighting, fatigue, a changed body clock, increased shadows, change in daily schedule, and difficulties separating dreams and reality. Providers of memory care in OKC have outlined a few ways to cope up with sundowning. If you find your loved one is suffering from this problem, you should take some preventive steps. First, cut noise, clutter or the number of people from the room. Second, try to distract the person with any of their favorite activities or objects. Play music, give them books, spend time with them or use any other way to keep them involved. Third, invite their favorite people to their home for to spend time with them.

preventive care

How to Prevent?

  • Do not make abrupt or sudden changes in their routine. Such changes to their daily routine structure may confuse the person and increase agitation. However, while planning their routine you should keep the person’s likes, dislikes, interest and functional time in mind.

  • Make sure the person gets enough rest at night. Fix their routine accordingly. If the person does not get enough sleep, it may make them agitated, tired and the brain will not get a good time for restoration. That is why memory care providers in OKC always encourage at least eight hours of sound sleep for people suffering from sundowning or Alzheimer’s disease.

  • You should not serve them alcohol as it can cause confusion and anxiety and pressurizes nerve.

  • Make sure the person gets lots of time in sunlight during the day. It will strengthen their muscles as well keep the mind fresh. It will also help to set their body clock.

  • Try to create a soothing environment at night, so that they can have a good sleep.

If the problems persist, you should get them to see a doctor or get help from memory care in OKC. There could be many underlying factors behind the issue that as a family member you might not be able to understand. You should come to us at Home Care Assistance if you need assistance for your loved one with this problem.