How to Help People with Dementia?

Close up picture of elderly hands with young caretaker's hands

You know, first-hand, how this condition can emotionally affect your relationship with this individual if you have a close friend or family member who is suffering from memory loss. The role of son, daughter, or friend sometimes takes a back seat to the new function of the guardian.

This condition can present new challenges in caring for and communicating with the individual, depending on which stage your loved one is experiencing memory loss and arrange memory care in OKC for them.  Regular activities you once enjoyed may change, and new challenges can arise as you interact.  Finding ways to engage and look after your loved one helps to alleviate the stress of caring and memory loss.

Interact Simply

This may seem obvious, but many care providers for people with dementia are wrong with asking open questions like, "What do you like to eat today for lunch?" This would be easy for someone whose brain did not lose its ability to combine information with clear ideas and answers. However, somebody with dementia might find it incredible. It is less anxious just to ask your dear one if they want some pasta. It is better to ask questions to which only "yes" or "no" can be answered.

Have Patience

A person with dementia constantly struggles to regain her abilities to speak and to think, which keeps her upset. This is why the emotional and mental stress you have to try and alleviate is so essential. You may have plenty on your plate and move fast to get it all, but eventually, you rush the person you care about will not help. It will cause you both to become confused.


The familiar smells and taste of certain foods (e.g., fresh bread) can bring your loved one comfort and familiarity. Finding out what food(s) he has enjoyed in his or her past can help to determine what foods can bring comfort to people who have dementia. You can guide our memory caregivers at your house in OKC about food comfort of your loved one.


Trying by old photo albums to remember their names and faces can make someone frustrated affected by the memory loss. Why not create a storyboard with old pictures for them and ask them (made or real) to tell the stories about the pictures?  This approach relieves the individual of pressure to remember names or faces but can look at old photographs comfortably.

senior woman listening to music


Music can affect a person's memory loss mood and influence them. Learn what his favorite music and genres were to determine your loved one's playlist.

Work Activities

A job gives us a sense of purpose and makes us feel necessary. Take the time to learn what this person was responsible for at or at home. Furthermore, if the activity is safe and not demanding, find an activities similar in nature in which the person can participate.


Research shows that working can slow brain aging more and more. Different studies also demonstrate that a sedentary way of living increases the likelihood of dementia. Regular exercise can stimulate blood flow to the brain. If you give yourself at least 20 minutes a day for a cardiovascular workout, it can make it clearer and better focus on your environment.

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