How To Decrease The Risk Of Falling For Senior People


With aging, bones and muscles start decaying and it makes it difficult for a person to perform all their normal activities due to wrong coordination of the two. Falling is one of the most common problems for older people. And with their low immunity and healing power, the fall often becomes serious and they suffer from their injuries. Here are some statistics on it based on Oklahoma.

  • Falls cause half of the injuries in seniors.

  • Every day seniors are treated in the emergency room for falls and more than half of them die from it.

  • If you saw the rate of fractures among older people, you would see falls cause most of the fractures, around 80%. And the fractures are quite frequent.

Sometimes, the result from falling is an older adults’ immobility. Facing these awful consequences, the fear of falling engulfs their mind and they don’t want to try walking. This can gain mental problems and they may end up suffering even more. Hence, they need care and attention to prevent falling. Senior care services in OKC are reliable and will give your seniors a place to stay with medical supervision, adequate care and support.


The most common places where the seniors fall are listed below. You will also see the given precautions to avoid these fatal situations as well.

  1. A bedroom is a vulnerable place and senior often fall while getting out of bed. Make sure there is adequate light in the room, even a night light has adequate illumination. The switch of the light should be easily available for the seniors; within reach of the bed.

  2. A bathroom with a wet floor can make seniors have a bad fall. You have to install grab bars near the shower and toilet. A non-slip mat is required to avoid accidents on the wet surface. Instead of making them stand in the shower, it is better to keep a chair or bench in there for a place to rest.

  3. The kitchen should be uncluttered, and everything should be within reach. A non-slip rubber mat is a great choice to secure footing.

  4. Keep the hallways clear. All clutter should be removed. Carpet should be firmly secured. There should be ample light. Keep all electrical cords out of the way. A handrail should be available for climbing the staircase.

Even physically fit older people can fall and become immobile. Senior care services in OKC have everything that is suitable for older people to live securely. Older adults who are not capable of walking on their own are given special attention. Often, with the scheduled exercise they recover from immobility. If you are also worried about the seniors in your home, get them Home Care Assistance, for adequate help and the care they deserve to live freely.