How Does Companionship Help Senior People?

senior companionship

It is inevitable that they will become more isolated as people age. A research conducted in 2016 discovered that about 30% of 46 million elderly who do not reside alone in a nursing home. Isolation can have dramatic implications for senior mental health, ranging from extreme loneliness to further decrease in health. So, it's essential to seek companionship for seniors.

However, moving to a senior facility is not necessarily the solution but in-home care in OKC could be a solution. Despite the prospect of crippling solitude, many elderly people maintain their independence heavily. The research also discovered that about 90% of elderly living alone are insisting on doing so.

So how can we assist these fiercely independent but also isolated elderly people? Several alternatives are feasible.

Why Seniors Are Alone?

Seniors are led to spend their days alone for many reasons. Adult kids may move away, or they are merely too busy visiting frequently with their families. If your family caregiver works during the day, even seniors with family caregivers may feel alone.

There is also the sad reality that may have passed away from friends and spouses. Another factor is deteriorating health, as it may mean losing the capacity to drive or walk. Another consideration is embarrassment, as elderly with poorly functioning equipment (such as bladder control) may be concerned about a government event.


Obviously, loneliness is the worst consequence of isolation, but this, in turn, can lead to health issues such as high blood pressure or a risk of depression.

There is also a decrease in the health of elderly living alone and an enhanced mortality rate. This may be due to unchecked symptoms and absence of a social network to recommend health care. Seniors who reside on their own may also neglect or forget to take their medicine or have problems with certain medical procedures.

Also, social skills deteriorate among older people who are often alone. Many of us have learned about the stereotype of the "grumpy old person." When given the chance, they have difficulty interacting with individuals, which in turn causes others to go home, causing more solitude.

Here are some of the advantages of seniors' companionship

Long Life

Recent study demonstrates that elderly experiencing social isolation, regardless of underlying health circumstances, are at enhanced danger of premature death. Companionship offers a social connection for seniors that fights isolation and depression and has an important effect on their general health and well-being.

Dementia Prevention

Studies have shown that the better they have cognitive functioning, the more the elderly communicate socially. Researchers say it takes ten minutes to talk to someone else to enhance memory, giving the same boost as everyday games and puzzles. An extensive research also observed that there is a decreased danger of developing dementia among elderly who retain significant relationships.

Lower Chances of Heart Problems

A latest research discovered that individuals suffering from loneliness or social isolation were 29% more probable than those socially engaged to develop coronary heart disease and 32% more probable to have a stroke. These statistics match smoking and obesity with loneliness as risk variables for heart disease.

Speedy Recovery

Neuroscientists think that partnership helps patients recover from surgery pain quicker. Tests indicate that individuals recovering from surgeries that have a close friend or companion experience less pain associated with the nerves and reduced concentrations of inflammation quicker, helping the recovery process.


As seniors age, physical strength and mobility may start to be lost, making living alone hazardous for them. In an emergency, they may be worried about happening to them, or if they suffer from a collapse. Companionship of in-home care in OKC offers seniors with a sense of safety, knowing that there is someone there to assist maintain them secure when needed, and providing family members with peace of mind.

Companionship of In-Home Care Giver

Many elderly people value their independence so much as they are prepared to suffer isolation, as stated previously. It is therefore not the answer to relocate them to a nursing facility. Seniors should ideally live at home where they feel comfortable and safe if they are able to live securely alone (i.e. no chance of falling or passing away).

Then an appropriate compromise would be to employ an in-home caregiver who can provide the senior with companionship (and medical aid if needed). This will allow the senior to retain independence while not feeling isolated and lonely.

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