Do You Know How to Reduce Risks of Dementia?


Dementia is not a specific disease that can be detected with specifically outlined symptoms. There are a group of symptoms that indicates memory declination along with decreased ability to perform daily activities. When your parents are affected by dementia, it is better to appoint memory care services in OKC for them for better mental and physical health. It has also been seen that higher physical stamina reduces risks of dementia. Here is a study backing this statement.

According to a new study published in the American Academy of Neurology medical journal, women with higher stamina or cardiovascular fitness might decrease their risk of dementia by 88%.

Stamina Level and Risks of Dementia

The study started in 1968 when 191 Swedish women, aged 38 to 60, were tested for their cardiovascular endurance. The women were put to "top workload" or maximum exhaustion during the test.

Based on their workload, the women were classified into three fitness groups: low, medium and high fitness. Of the 191 women, the "low fitness" group consisted of 59, the "medium fitness" group was 92 and the "high fitness" category was 40.

Researchers investigated the health of women for the next 44 years including who has been and who has not been diagnosed with dementia. In 2012, the study was closed.

An Old Lady

Stamina Reduces Dementia Risk

The researchers found that 23% of the women developed dementia during the investigation period.

Resources also learned that adverse cardiovascular processes may occur at mid-life which seem to raise the risk for dementia. Women who had to disrupt their examination had a very high dementia rate of 45%.

In comparison with the women in the medium group, the average age of any dementia symptoms was 11 years higher.

The high level of endurance had an 88% reduced risk of dementia compared with the moderate level.

More Research Needed

According to the study, other factors might have affected the results. Researchers have found examples of genetics, hypertension, obesity and the additional components that can have other conditions on the brain.

Researchers also indicated that the sample of the study was relatively small and that the figure could differ for other populations, as it comprised only Swedish women. There were also a few women who did not show up or who died during the long-term follow-up, and more research is needed to find out when a high degree of resistance is most useful to reduce your risk of dementia in life.

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