Deal with Frailty Wisely with In-Home Care for Seniors

A woman help an old aged woman to walk

Frailty is a commonly understood state of the body, though it has no official definition in medicine. When we think of frailty, we often imagine reduced strength, bone density, balance, tolerance to temperature changes and ability to heal.

As much as one half of the population above 85 years old could be said to suffer from frailty as it comes to most of us with age. Everything changes when we grow old; our brain, the immune system, hormones, muscles, and bones. These changes occur to all but may have a more significant impact on certain people, leading to fragility. Weight loss, confusion, frequent infections, weakness and problem with balancing are common symptoms of frailty.

OKC offers several great options for in-home care service for the older adults who suffer from frailty. The right treatments, exercises, and lifestyle can reduce problem, and for that, one must first understand the causes. From genetics to environment many factors can be responsible for frailty. Frailty is not inevitable for all older adults. Moreover, there are steps for preventing it and health outcomes can be improved.

Diet changes and exercise are included in both prevention and treatment. Studies have shown that anemic women are more vulnerable to frailty. Anemia can be prevented with a diet high in iron-rich foods. Weight loss may also worsen frailty in older adults. Many older adults are not able to consume enough calories. Foster a high calorie and a high-protein diet that can prevent weight loss. In-home care services in OKC can offer assistance with meals and proper nutrition for seniors’ individual requirements.

Training can improve toning and flexibility of muscle. It can enhance strength, balance, and movement. Exercise has a good impact on the mind as well. Studies indicate that it improves memory and brain functionality.

Stethoscope and a notebook

The Treatment

It is essential to diagnose frailty as early as possible. It is emotionally challenging to address such an issue, but doing so can greatly improve the quality of life for your loved one. Better understanding a person true physical condition can help in making decisions. You can make sure that you monitor cuts and scrapes to prevent infection if you know that the one you love is more likely to catch an infection due a slow healing. You can prepare yourself if you know the risks.


People who are vulnerable cannot recover so quickly or easily from injury. If a frail older person were to fall, he or she may suffer more severe injuries than a younger or healthier person. It could also be more difficult to recover from surgery or infection.

You can take simple steps to safeguard your beloved at home, for example:

  • Keeping a shower chair and grab bars in the bathroom.

  • Taking care of hygiene.

  • Removing anything on the floor that may cause tripping.

  • Limiting visitors.

With our in-home care services in OKC, you can be relieved as our compassionate caregivers take care of each point given above for your loved ones.

Frailty not only affects the body – it can also influence the mind manifesting as frequent confusion or forgetfulness. They may forget to take medicines or get lost in familiar settings. You need to be alert here and appoint a quality in-home care service for additional support.

Injuries can take a significant toll on a fragile individual. Long-term outcomes in older patients were shown to improve with physical therapy after an injury. Intensive post-hospital rehabilitation is generally critical to assist a frail older adult to regain their skills and independence. If the older adult suffers from a fall or injury, insist that they complete their physical therapy.

For the best in-home care services in OKC come to us at Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma. Compassionate and highly-qualified caregivers will be appointed for you to take care of your senior loved ones suffering from frailty.