Be Patient and Make Your Seniors Eat Regularly

Seniors Eating

Being a caregiver it is your responsibility to take care of the elderly people in your care and provide adequate support. Starting from their diet, medicine, amusements, exercises to social involvement and mental health - everything is your responsibility. Most older people are not fit. Many of them suffer from mental disorders including dementia, Alzheimer’s etc. They need special attention and you have to very patient while dealing with them. Compassion is the key to being a successful caregiver. If you are not able to always stay there for the elderly people in your care, you can appoint an in-home care service in OKC for them.

The caregivers that perform home care in OKC often face interesting issues with their senior people. One of those is their sudden refusal to food. If the older generation do not eat food, they obviously fall sick. To handle this situation you should know the reason behind their refusal first.

There are several things that can make an older person stop eating. It is normal for them to eat less. As the metabolism tends to slow with age and the nutritional needs for the body starts decreasing, it is natural for them to eat less. A regular habit of eating less is not worrisome, but the sudden denial of food is.

  • Their ability to taste and smell becomes diminished. The factors that lure us to food are its color, smell and taste. When their senses become weak, they don’t feel attracted towards food and can refuse it.

  • People who have poor vision also become reluctant towards food. They are unable to see what they are having and this makes them uninterested in eating.

  • On the other hand, due to age-related problems like constipation, older people often feel full.

  • There are several medicines that decreases appetite as well.

Caregiving Expert

According to the caregiving experts of in-home care in OKC, when a person stops eating and drinking, it eventually quickens their death. This is no exception for elderly either. The existing diseases they are suffering from may become prominent and medicines can react in different ways as well. Generally, people can sustain longer without eating than without drinking, but for people, who are already bedridden, skipping food can be dangerous and they can die within days.

It is a difficult job for the in-home caregivers in OKC or anywhere else, to handle a situation like this, where the seniors refuse to eat, but it is not impossible.

  1. They can provide them with a meal at the same time every day. The fixed timing helps to train the body to eat at a specific time of the day.

  2. It is better to provide a smaller portion of food instead of a large plate. Finger food is easier for them to consume. You can include cheese, veggies, chicken nuggets etc.

  3. If they are refusing these foods, be prepared to make their favorite drinks that will satisfy the nutrient requirements of the body. It could be smoothies, milkshakes, soups etc.

For such compassionate care and support for your older family members, even in a difficult situation, you need to find reliable in-home care in OKC. Connect with us, Home Care Assistance and let your loved ones live a healthy life.