Care for Your Parents with Dementia

Alzheimer's or dementia can be devastating, and not everyone has a platform for sharing their experiences with their family and friends. It can be painful to look at your loved ones in the grip of dementia or Alzheimer’s. These signs of aging are quite frequent, where the patient loses the cognitive skill. Many families spend much time worrying about being helped by caregivers because of their fear or guilt. However, you don't abandon your parents or other elderly members of your family; you support them. So, do not hesitate to take the help of memory care in OKC from Home Care Assistance.

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Dementia is a symptom and not just memory loss. Other disease symptoms depend on the affected brain area. Dementia is considered to be a neurological decline, and in the final stage, a patient is unable to do daily routines and does not recognize and communicate with others.

You should be calm and aware even with an in-home caregiver in OKC. Make every effort to encourage the memory of your loved one, but don't stress them. Dementia only worsens with time, and no known cure is available, so your efforts only can slow the disease.

The journey of care should begin with compassion and love. Those are fundamental to any relationship, but your kindness and love should be especially evident when you care for someone with dementia. If you find them in places unknown or unknown to them, be gentle with them.

Set a predictable schedule of events such as a doctor's appointment and bathing time for your loved one. Before you schedule something, note times when the person is more pleasant and then set up a routine accordingly.

Explain and ask for things to be kept in place. It will help to explain things regularly as they used to when you were a kid.

Eliminate any possible threat or keep harmful items safely away. Everything dangerous should be out of reach, be it a knife or matchboxes.

Accept technological assistance. You can install and connect to a camera and set the GPS location track of the mobile monitoring system. This helps you better take care of your loved ones.

A person with mid or late dementia or Alzheimer's may experience several signs of behavioral problems, including sudden anger, sadness, and confusion. So, you should deal with the situation calmly and effectively when your loved one is in such a state.

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Types of In-home Care Service in OKC

Support services: Supervision support, recreation or visitation.

Personal care: Bathing, dressing, toilet, eating or other personal care.

Competent care: Assistance from a licensed medical specialist for injury care, injections, physical therapy, and other medical needs. Often, a doctor has ordered a home health agency co-ordinate these types of skilled care services.

For memory care in OKC for your parents, ask us. We will be at your place to take care of older adults in the most compassionate way, as if they were our own family.