Care for Bedridden Patients

If the older adults at your home are confined to a bed, help for daily activities is required. We will discuss how to treat a bedridden patient in this article.

Bedridden care involves various aspects of life, such as hygiene and meals that you could take for granted. You need an anytime home care service in OKC for providing all possible assistance, any time of the day. Here are some points you ought to look for.

A caregiver helping a bedridden patient

Maintaining Hygiene

  • Bedridden seniors may need assistance with bathing and dental care. Furthermore, cleaned clothes and groomed hair make sure the patient doesn't suffer hygiene-related infections or lice.

  • Self-esteem will also be strengthened by hygienic treatment for those who are bedridden.

Maintaining Nutrition

  • Speak to your doctor or nutritionist for your patient to ensure a balanced diet. Mention eating habits when talking to a practitioner if anything unusual happens following the consumption of certain foods.

  • There may be some who want smaller snacks all day long than heavier meals. Keep water and healthy drinks available for the whole day.

Entertainment and Comfort

  • Home care is not just about bathing and feeding for bedridden patients. You're should also make sure they enjoy their day. Provide a remote TV, magazines, books, and journals for quick access on a nearby nightstand.

  • Regularly air your room and make sure bed linens are cleaned and changed as required.

A caregiver  with a bedridden patient

Bedsore Prevention

Anytime home care service in OKC for bedridden patients involves preventing and caring for skin and tissue injuries caused by living in one position like lying or sitting for a long time. These injuries, known as bedsores, occur if the patient is not positioned differently every few hours. These sores can get infected and lead to complications and shorter lives in the worst-case scenario.

Here are some useful tips:

  • If a patient who has been bedridden can move on his own, encourage him to reposition himself or to take minor exercises.

  • Place pillows around those parts of the body which are vulnerable to bedsores.

  • Ask a physician the best ways to reposition a patient without causing physical harm.

  • Check prone areas often for bedsores like heels, ankles, hips and tailbone.

If you hire an anytime home care service in OKC for your loved ones who are bedridden, it will be best for them to have some assistance for their daily needs and activities. Make sure the professional you are hiring is a reliable and compassionate one.

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