A Study on Dementia Conducted on Swedish Women - What Does it Indicate


According to a fresh research in the U.S. Academy of Neurology medical newspaper, midlife women with higer resistance — or a greater cardiovascular fitness — could lower their risk of dementia by 88 %. However, the rest 12% who get affected by dementia can be treated in proper memory care homes in OKC.

Study Linking Strength to Dementia Danger

The research started in 1968 when 191 Swedish females, aged 38 to 60, took part in a cardiovascular endurance test. The females had to work "maximum workload" or maximum fatigue during the exam.

Based on their workload, the females were divided into 3 fitness groups: low, medium and high fitness. Out of these females, 59 were from a group of "low fitness," 92 were from a group of "medium fitness" and 40 were from a category of "heavy fitness."

Researchers studied women's health for the next 44 years, including those who were diagnosed and who were not. In 2012, the survey was completed.

The study discovered that 44 or 23% of those females developed dementia during the study era had higher resistance and decreased their risk of dementia by 88 %. Other findings of the research were as follows:

  • The very high incidence of dementia in the women who had to interrupt the test was 45%, indicating "adverse cardiovascular processes in midlife, which appear to increase the risk of dementia." The low group had a cumulative dementia incidence of 32%.

  • The prevalence of the medium group was 25%.

  • The cumulative effect of the elevated group was 5%.

  • The elevated group.

  • For the elevated group, the average age for dementia inception was 11 years greater than for the middle group of females.

  • The elevated level of resilience had an 88 % lower risk of dementia compared to the mild stage.

There are other factors which could affect the results, according to the study. Further dementia research is still required. Researchers pointed out examples such as genetics, high blood pressure, obesity and the extra impacts of other circumstances on the brain.

Researchers also say the sample was comparatively low and that the amount could differ for other communities, because it included only Swedish females. There are also several females who have not appeared or have died during a long-term follow-up, and further study will have to be done to find out whether a high resistance is the most beneficial in life to decrease your dementia risks.

CNN reports that the research is correlating, but not necessarily causing. However, the results of the scientists show that physical fitness is still important for every phase of a person's life.

Keep Your Brain Active in A Good Way of Life

In relation to physical activity, there are many ways to increase your brain's health. Puzzles, food, and occupation are just some things you can do to enhance your memory. What is essential is that you begin to take measures to assist your body later. And if you or someone you love is diagnosed with dementia; you know there are plenty of resources to assist.

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