Companionship and Better Mental Health for Seniors

senior companion

When individuals age, they are inevitably more isolated as well. The impact of isolation on senior mental health can be tragic, from extreme solitude to further decline. It is important then to seek senior caregiver in Edmond for the elderly.

Why seniors suffer loneliness

Seniors spend their days alone for several purposes. Adult children can relocate or are merely too busy to visit frequently with their own families.

There is also the sad reality that there have been deaths of friends, husbands and wives. Another factor is deteriorating health because it can lead to loss of driving or walking capacity. Incontinence is another aspect, as elderly individuals with poorly-functioning equipment (for example, bladder control) can be concerned about an incident in public.

Companionship as a Whole

Companionship implies something else to all likely. This is about wanting that individual, having a great deal of fun, and creating a connection that naturally goes to you. It includes more than just someone being there.

For mental and physical well-being, companionship is highly crucial. With a healthy business around, you should be relaxed, comfortable, and committed. Additional psychological advantages of a partnership are:

  • Preventing loneliness and social isolation

  • Increasing a sense of purpose

  • Maintaining social skills

  • Stimulating positivity and interactions

  • Encouraging mental stimulation

  • Engaging memory exercises

Physical Benefits

The physical advantages of fellowship are:

  • Identifying and getting rid of unhealthy habits

  • Encouraging you to step out of the house

  • Participating in enjoyable physical activities like walking in the park

  • Supporting you for achieving your goals

  • Assisting with appointments or collecting prescription


Our Caregivers

They're a partner, more than just a carer. Caregivers at our senior care in Edmond encourage social interactions and entertainment to promote good physical and mental health. It requires worthwhile time investment to meet every customer's needs and preferences. Some activities with your caregiver can be enjoyed with you:

  • Going for Social outings

  • Cooking and eating meals together

  • Visiting friends and family

  • Shopping

  • Playing indoor games

  • Reflecting on memories and experience

  • Participating in and enjoying hobbies such as knitting

We at Home Care Assistance can assist you if you have a unique person in your lives who requires companionship. We provide highly qualified domestic health and personal senior care assistants in Edmond. We are here to give support, but above all, friendship.