Relaxation Techniques That Are Sure To Help Improve Memory


People with dementia commonly also have anxiety and panic attacks. In the early stages of the disease, patients need some time to get a grip on the problems and deal with memory declination and cognitive problems. Caregivers that come to the home can help people to relax as they have specialized techniques to calm dementia patients down. In Oklahoma City, there are such professional caregivers who know how to deal with different patients in different circumstances.

Here are some of the known tactics that are used by memory care service providers in OKC. 

Breathing Exercise

Controlled deep breathing is one of the most powerful exercises to calm down a stressful mind, not just for dementia, it is for all ages and conditions. But for the people with dementia it always shows the best results. When they fully expand their diaphragm, it allows oxygen to fill the lungs completely and the brain starts to respond positively. Additionally, chest breathing exercise helps to outcast stress hormones. There are many breathing techniques, but caregivers always choose the less complicated ones for patients. Ask the patient to sit in a calm environment and inhale deeply, not only to expand the chest but the belly also and hold the position for two to three seconds. Repeat the process at least 10 times.


Yoga, being a holistic exercise originated in India and can be practiced by anyone, at any point in time. It has proven its benefits for everything – be it the medical sector, physical health or even psychological issues. When practiced following the correct process, it can heal critical mental conditions. There is no age bar when doing Yoga as there are different poses for different ages and physical abilities. Besides calming effects, it can help balance and make a person more involved in social activities.


Spending Time Outdoors

When the weather is soothing, caregivers suggest patients have a walk around. They can walk until they become uncomfortable. Fresh air and a long walk are good for memory. Memory care in OKC recommends this for memory improvement.


Music is always a great therapy. It always helps to invigorate a person and has a calming effect. Help patients to listen to their favorite tracks or instrumentals throughout the day or whenever they wish to do so.

Adjustment to the Environment

Loud noise, light, tension or even strong smells can have a negative impact on a patient’s ability to relax. Make sure indoor lights have good visibility in the daytime and it is not too loud during sleep time. If street traffic or general loud noise is a problem for the patient to sleep, you can use sleep machines for white noise.

Adequate sleep, daily exercise, music and everything above are quite helpful as a therapy for better memory. If you want your grandparents to receive these services at home, call us at Home Care Assistance for memory care in OKC. We have specially designed services for seniors with different problems or symptoms. Allow us to eliminate the problems and set the patient’s life back in order again.